Criminal Procedure Handouts

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Straight-forward, clearly written, detailed handouts to learn the law of criminal procedure. Includes: 

  • 13 Criminal Procedure Handouts with blanks to complete, as well as practice questions (in .doc form). 
  • 13 Criminal Procedure instructor copies with completed blanks and detailed explanation answers to practice questions (60+ pages in .doc form). 
  • Lifelong individual license allowing for modification and distribution to enrolled students without attribution.

Reasons to try Simple Legal Guides' criminal procedure handouts:

  • Concise, straight-forward, easy to understand. 
  • 25+ practice questions for the material with detailed explanations. 
  • Practice questions featuring characters and examples from pop culture such as The Simpsons, Breaking Bad, and Anchorman.  
  • Provided in Word Document form to be adaptable for different syllabi and cases.