About Simple Legal Guides

The goal of Simple Legal Guides is to provide students and bar exam takers with affordable, easy-to-read, straight-forward materials to make complex legal concepts as simple as possible. 

Simple Legal Guides aims to become the go-to source for guides, flow charts, and explanations that cut through the impenetrable fog of legalese. 

While all guides and products differ, Simple Legal Guides' bar prep materials have the following features:

  • Affordable
  • Direct and straight-forward 
  • Written with brevity 
  • Use of readable fonts, color-coding, and bold text to make the material easier to read 
  • Written in outline form 
  • Clear identification the legal elements, factors, or elements
  • Highlighting of legally operative words (if, then, unless, etc.
  • Rules written in if-then form to make application as easy as possible

Starting with its bar prep materials, Simple Legal Guides plans to decode the law with flow charts, illustrations, and explanations like this one on custodial interrogation to make the law as simple as it ought to be. 

The story of Simple Legal Guides

AvatarKyle Welch is an attorney in the State of California who currently specializes in licensing and intellectual property. When Kyle was in law school, he was adamant that legal concepts were easy to understand if approached with innovation, imagination, and creativity.

Frustrated with thousands of pages of material and intentionally obscure explanations for what were simple concepts at their core, he knew there had to be a better way...


So Kyle decided to start Simple Legal Guides. 

The unique experiences Kyle has had in his career make him specially qualified to be the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Simple Legal Guides. View his profile on LinkedIn.